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The Arthur J. and Betty F. Diskin Fund of the Jewish Federation Foundation

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The Grable Foundation

The Howard and Muriel Guttman Family Charitable Fund

PJ Dick Corporation

PNC Charitable Trust

Larry and Sandy Rosen Philanthropic Fund

Linda and Ken Simon


Gerry and Barbara Chait

In Memory of Elaine Belle Krasik z”l

Barb and Les Parker

Pat and Alan Siger

Store Express


Amy and Michael Bernstein

The Jack Buncher Foundation

Consumer Fresh Produce

William and Debbie Demchak

The Fine Foundation

First National Bank

Halpern Family Foundation

Jewish Women’s Foundation of Greater Pittsburgh

Wendy and Peter Mars

Donald and Sylvia Robinson Family Foundation

Ted Stern z”l

Hilary Tyson and Chas Porter



William Benter

Ilene and Jay Fingeret

Fleischner Family Charitable Foundation

Lawrence and Ina Gumberg

Ellen and Jack Kessler

Anne Lewis

The Sheila Reicher Fine Foundation

Todd Reidbord in honor of Marvin S. Reidbord

Jonathan and Veronica Schmerling

Barbara and Dan Shapira

Lynn and Marc Zelenski


Patty and Sandy Berman

Sandie and Bob Brand

Susan and Barney Guttman

Linda and Jeff Mates

Marilyn Meltzer

Bette B. Rom and Family

Louisa and Jim Rudolph

Adele Sales and Edgar Snyder

Cindy and David Shapira

Becky and Herb Torbin


Elaine Bellin and Phyllis Coontz

Eva Tansky Blum

Roberta and David Brody

Dr. Alan and Marsha Bramowitz

Estelle Comay and Bruce Rabin

Judy Horgan and Steve Pavsner

Jolene Hotze

Carl Krasik in honor of Todd Swan and Stuart Horne

Grandkids Squad Rosen Family Fund

Howard and Caren Sniderman

Barbara Wechsler and Stanley Levine

Carol and David Steinbach

Amy and Lou Weiss

Phillip H. and Betty L. Wimer Family Foundation


Laura and Chuck Broff

Andrea and Andrew Eller

Goldberg Family Philanthropy

Velma and Stuart Hirsh

Catherine and Mark Loevner

Elaine and Alan London

Mark and Carolyn Snyder

Dr. Fran and Linette Solano

Diane Samuels and David Suffrin


Ruth and Alan Garfinkel

Carolyn Perlow and Gary Glenner

Donna Kaplan

Ryna and Herb Meyers

Jane and Bruce Rollman

Dodie and Ralph Roskies

Dorothy Rostler

Todd Swan

Dr. Mark and Deborah Weingarden


Barbara Abraham

Kathy Arnheim

Len Bass and Nancy Brooks

Lois Browdie

Florence Corbett

Chris and Bob Donnorummo

Joan Forscher and Gerry Ramage

Janet Fromkin and Bill Stein

Essie and Raven Garfinkel

Adrianne and Arnold Gefsky

Susan and Harry Givelber

Martin and Sally Goldhaber

Susanne Gollin and Lazar Palnick

Barbara Greenberg

Paul Hanna

Sandy and Louis Kushner

Marlene and Jim Marcus

Lois and Milton z”l Michaels

Mariana and Eduardo Miranda

Ellen Ormond

Carolyn Perlow and Gary Glenner

Sabina and Peter Rosenfeld

Nancy and Bob Rosenthal

Mayda and Barry Roth

Judy Safier

Judy and Arthur Sales

In Celebration of Alan Siger

Ada Davis and Joseph Spirer

Nancy Speed

Laurel Swartz

Betsy and Charles Watkins

Vicki and Knox Watson

Julia, Jim and Katie Woodward

Eleanore Yanowitz

A Special Appreciation for their Extraordinary Service

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Corkboard Concepts

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Marketspace Agency

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Steve Schwartz Associates


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